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Revenue Cycle Management
for the Spine Professional

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Spine Specific Revenue Cycle Management Services

Combining unmatched revenue cycle performance with elite customer service is our priority.

Our hands-on and systematic approach has led to synergistic relationships with our clients for over 25 years. BD-RCM provides 3 types of revenue cycle management solutions for clients based on the needs of their practice or facility. These include:

ALL Business Dynamics RCM clients are provided with:

  1. Direct Communication - you have direct communication with BD-RCM Managers and their specialty teams who are familiar with every aspect of your claims, and will monitor all AR daily.
  2. Connectivity with internal practice operations – BD-RCM works alongside you & your staff as a valued member of your operations. We are not merely an outside billing company.
  3. Power of Specialty trained staff with knowledge in spine - BD-RCM is the recognized leader in spine. Our staff is expertly trained in all aspects of managing spine claims.
  4. Full Disclosure and Transparency– you have access to your account at all times, will receive reports and are updated with claims status and activity.
  5. Elite Appeals Services – BD-RCM takes an aggressive appeals approach resulting in higher reimbursement.
  6. Coding Compliance and Confidence: You can be confident that your claims remain correct and compliant as our entire staff is current with all changes and modifications in the entire coding and reimbursement arena.
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Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management

Through our Comprehensive RCM Service, Business Dynamics RCM will provide all billing and collection services necessary to maximize the day-to-day productivity of the practice, including office visits and consults, hospital, surgical procedures and spinal injection, diagnostic procedures, and ASC facility fees. These services include, but are not limited to; surgical coding, submission, collection and appeals for all claims. The result of this service is improved collections and increased reimbursement for the physician, physician assistant and the spine practice.

Our Comprehensive RCM service offers our most comprehensive billing and collection services and is guaranteed to increase your revenue.

Our Comprehensive RCM service includes:

  • Surgical spine coding
  • Claim payment review
  • Aggressive collections program
  • Contract and fee schedule evaluation
  • Monthly patient billing
  • Daily and monthly account reporting
  • Most successful appeals program in the industry

View the Comprehensive RCM Service Manual.

Surgical/ASC Claims Revenue Cycle Management

Our Surgical/ASC Claims Revenue Cycle Management Service provides the client with all of the coding, billing and collection services necessary to maximize reimbursement for their professional fees for spine surgery, spinal injection, diagnostic procedures, and ASC facility fees. Business Dynamics RCM codes, processes, collects and appeals all surgical cases referred by the client. The result is improved collections dedicated exclusively to spine surgery and interventional procedure claims.

This service is limited to professional fees for spine surgery, spinal injection, diagnostic procedures, and ASC facility fees for spine procedures only.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Surgical spine coding
  • Aggressive collections program
  • Contract and fee schedule evaluation
  • Appeals taken to the highest level

View the Surgical/ASC RCM Service Manual.


Appeals Only Revenue Cycle Management Service

Our Appeals Only Service secures additional revenue due to spine specialists for claims previously submitted to the insurance carrier by your practice that may have been denied or underpaid. Based on the outcome of the review, our specialist will appeal the claims accordingly. The ability of Business Dynamics RCM to utilize our resources to support appeals is unsurpassed by any program nationwide.

This service includes:

  • Analysis of the documentation and coding
  • Evaluation of the reimbursement initially received
  • Comprehensive Appeals to support a positive result

View the Appeals Only RCM Service Manual.

Value Added Services

These services can be ordered separately or can exist as part of your service package.

Fee Schedule

This important evaluation begins with a review and update of your fee schedules as they compare to Ingénue and Medicare fees for each surgical spine AMA CPT Code. Reports are generated, containing detailed recommendations, specifically for your practice.

Contract Consult Service

Our team of trained professionals will review your contracts with insurance carriers and make recommendations to enhance your relationship and revenue. Our experience negotiating with insurance carriers has yielded a fair playing field and significant benefits to spine practices nationwide.

Operative Note Documentation

Ensuring your practice receives maximum compensation begins with an accurate operative note. Business Dynamics RCM will review your operative notes and work through issues which are not within the industry norm and prevent appropriate claims and appeals processing. The result is the most concise operative documentation possible.

Dependency Analysis

This report analyzes the charges, payments and patient volume of your practice. Our team will analyze your contracted rate with commercial carriers and discuss the current financial position of the physician. Points of concern are identified and recommendations are made that will improve the financial standing of your practice.