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A Synergistic Approach to your Revenue Cycle Needs

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At Business Dynamics RCM, our goal is to provide our clients with more comprehensive and convenient ways to access their accounts. In an effort to further improve our level and quality of client connectivity, Business Dynamics RCM has invested in major technological updates to our processes, namely the implementation of ALLSCRIPTS PROFESSIONAL PM, a web-based practice management system, and CaseCoderSuite®, a proprietary spine specific revenue cycle management web-based application.

By utilizing the highest level of technology available, we hope to enhance our customer service efforts by providing solutions to streamline daily processes and increase office efficiency. We aim to assist our clients with growing their spine business and remain competitive in the new healthcare environment through the development of spine-specific resources and tools.

CaseCoderSuite® is a suite of spine specific web-based coding management applications developed by Barbara Cataletto and is utilized by BD-RCM to improve the coding and auditing process. The web-based CaseCoder® programs are available for our clients to support the pre-authorization, coding and auditing process. These easy to use systems provide access to the patient information, codes authorized and the expected rate of return for the surgical services performed. All of this information is readily available at the clients' fingertips, speeding up the reimbursement process and boosting cash flow. There are currently two different access types for clients utilizing CaseCoderSuite®; CaseCoderExpert® and CaseCoderExtreme®.

Case Coder

CaseCoderExpert® was designed for the expert coder who can instantly recognize codes and their meanings, is superior in the art of applying modifiers and is keenly aware of bundling. The user selects codes simply by clicking through a series of coding choices; the selection will quickly provide an organized coding document which can be emailed directly to the billing department. The producer summary allows the user to view all selections and make a necessary change. CaseCoderExpert® utilizes a verification page which manages the preauthorization information, the insurance policy guidelines and the venue for an organized preauthorization process.

CaseCoderExtreme® was designed for the Spine Reimbursement Specialist in order to simplify the auditing process while promoting rapid appeals submission. The user selects codes simply by clicking through a series of coding choices; the selection will quickly provide an organized coding document which can be emailed directly to the billing department. Practice fee schedules and contracted rates are analyzed on a case by case basis to ensure that all codes are paid at the minimum expected rate based on contract and reimbursement guidelines; generates all necessary fee schedule calculations – ERROR FREE!!

CaseCoderSuite® products provide:

  • Complete customization for your practice
  • Easy access with excellent results
  • Simplified Pre-authorization Process with our Verification Page
  • 24/7 access to coding with our web-based, spine coding management system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Elimination of Coding and Reimbursement Errors

All Scripts

BD-RCM Allscripts Practice Management Client Access

BD-RCM has combined forces with Allscripts to provide access to the practice management system to allow for the transparency and cohesiveness that practices demand to service their patient base.

We have accommodated these requests with the ability to provide user access to the system utilizing 3 different levels based on the user requirements while keeping other information restricted.

The user levels below provide the information based on specific job tasks and should be taken into consideration when requesting certain access levels.

Each user will require individual licensing to log in as required by HIPAA. These licenses are transferrable/upgradeable for the time the license is in effect. Licensing and maintenance fees are pass- through costs directly from Allscripts, and are renewable each year.

Training documentation is available on the BD-RCM website on the Partnership tab. Additional training from Allscripts is also available at a nominal fee.

Access Level 1

Current set at read only - No Edits

  • Registration
  • Summary
  • Patient Demos
  • Account, Contacts, Account Type, Subscriber Info
  • Policies
  • Additional info (race, death, etc)
  • Service Inquiry
  • Information that builds from charge entry and payment entry tasks
  • History of patient information
  • Financial Inquiry
  • Information that builds from history
  • Can actually view claim voucher notes that detail the collections activity

Access Level 2

Client Basic + Scheduling: Editing Permissions Available

  • Registration as indicated above with editing
  • Scheduling (access to all with editing)
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Scheduling activities
  • Scheduling reports
  • Schedule planning
  • Referrals
  • Service Inquiry: as indicated above
  • Financial Inquiry: as indicated above

Access Level 3

Client Basic + Scheduling + Dashboard

  • Registration as indicated in Level 2
  • Scheduling as indicated in Level 2
  • Service Inquiry as indicated in Level 2
  • Financial Inquiry as indicated in Level 2
  • Allscripts PM Today Dashboard