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Business Dynamics RCM, the nation's leader in spine coding and reimbursement, is a full service Spine Revenue Cycle Management Firm that simplifies and streamlines the business of coding, billing and reimbursement for spine specialists. New Clients experience an increase of up to 30% upon inception of our services.

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The Business of Spine

At The Business of Spine, we are committed to bringing a business sense to all spine surgeons and professionals by providing advanced education and training. With over 20 years of experience, The Business of Spine offers our training and teaching skills to develop top agents in the field of spine coding and reimbursement.

Corporate Governance

Business Dynamics RCM (BD-RCM) was founded by Barbara Cataletto in 1998 as a spine-specialized firm dedicated to providing coding, billing, and collection services for spine surgeons. To date, the core focus and the foundation of the company continues to be the delivery of outstanding spine coding, claim generation, collection and appeals services which have resulted in maximized reimbursement for our clients.

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Are you Prepared for ICD-10?

Go in-depth with ICD-10 and discover what each character represents for a more accurate application of codes when coding out your procedures. This coupled with an overview of the most commonly used ICD-10 codes in spine and where they can be found in your ICD-10-CM book, make this presentation a must see for proper coding and reimbursement.