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Samantha Aucone

Samantha Aucone
Samantha Aucone, CPC
Director of Reimbursement Integrity
Business Dynamics RCM

Samantha Aucone has been with Business Dynamics RCM since 2005 and has held many positions during her tenure with the company. In 2010, she took on the role of Appeals Manager, and was responsible for implementing systems and policies designed to maximize reimbursement for the spine surgeon. In 2015, Samantha was promoted to the role of Director of Reimbursement Integrity. Samantha holds an AA in Business and is a Certified Professional Coder (CPC).

In her role as Director of Reimbursement Integrity, Samantha is responsible for overseeing the collections departments of the company, which consist of Auditing, Sr. Auditing, and Appeals. She also directly manages an appeals staff responsible with reviewing all surgical claims to determine that they have been paid correctly and files any necessary appeals.

It is under Samantha’s leadership that Business Dynamics RCM boasts a record in the industry, which is second to none when it comes to getting claims paid against appeals. The appeals department is the best in the business, having won over 80% of all appeals submitted and is recognized as the department to emulate in the industry.

Samantha has a significant amount of coding talent as well. She is one of the main BD-RCM coders, and is well on her way to the level of subject matter expert in the area of spine coding and reimbursement.